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Enhance Your Customer Journey with AI-Powered Solutions

AI is on everyone’s lips, but we put it into your hands. With AI solutions like semantic, voice, image and video search, and intelligent chatbots, we help turbocharge your conversion rates, sales, and team efficiency. Trusted by top consulting firms, our AI solutions pave the way to success.

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Your AI and Revenue Growth Partner

We're your go-to partner for AI search and chatbot solutions, and revenue growth.

As Ambli's European branch, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge generative AI tools, semantic search, and intelligent chatbots to elevate customer experiences and team productivity.

Plus, our exclusive partnership with Kology enables us to provide marketing and sales services on demand.

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Our story

Facing Norway's expected shortfall of 40,000 IT professionals by 2030, I founded Digital Thinking in 2023, to connect businesses with the talent they need, including IT, marketing, and CRM expertise.

My first realization when talking with CEOs was that the marketing agency model is flawed. Agencies often promise senior expertise, but deliver junior staff, yielding mediocre results. This lead us to develop marketing and sales as a service, in partnership with Kology.

My second realization was that many businesses need help with how to approach AI and create a competitive advantage with it. This insight prompted discussions with top AI hubs in India and an exclusive distributorship with Ambli, a trailblazing company crafting AI solutions for leading consulting firms.

Now, with Norway's top digital experts by our side, we're bringing AI and revenue growth solutions directly to businesses like yours.



AI Powered Search & Chatbot Solutions

AI Chatbot

Our AI powered chatbots are trained on your data, giving users quick and relevant responses. Increase customer satisfaction, save costs and gather valuable customer insights from data.

Semantic search

Imagine effortlessly navigating the vast digital landscape and finding the perfect product in a flash. Ambli eComSense takes the guesswork out of online shopping with its powerful AI-powered search engine.

Document analysis

Buried in documents? Find what you need instantly. Our AI search tackles PDFs, Word, text, and Excel files. Uncover insights and ask questions with our built-in chatbot assistant. Effortless document exploration, powered by AI.

Sentiment analysis

Tired of guessing the mood? Our AI-powered sentiment analysis solution cuts through the noise and reveals the true emotions behind customer support interactions, online reviews, social media conversations, and surveys.

Voice search

Forget the hassle of typing – this revolutionary AI-powered voice search understands the natural flow of conversation. Simply speak your query and AudioSense instantly retrieves the information you need.

Reverse image search

Want to find similar clothing or source the origin of a captivating landscape photo? Look no further! Our AI-powered ImageSense acts as your visual detective, unlocking a world of information hidden within your pictures.


We have exclusive distributorships for Europe with these companies


Ambli, a US based AI development company, is the catalyst behind our AI-powered search platform. Leveraging Ambli's cutting-edge suite of products such as AudioSense, VideoSense, eComSense, BotSense, ImageSense, and DocSense, we're revolutionizing information discovery across industries ranging from marketing agencies and OTT platforms to media houses and retail. Experience the transformative potential of AI with Ambli, available exclusively through Digital Thinking in Europe.


Kology, is our revenue growth partner based in India. We recognize India as a premier destination for skilled talent, cost-effective solutions, and robust infrastructure. With government support across various sectors, India offers a dependable environment for establishing or managing businesses. As your exclusive distributor in Europe, we specialize in facilitating business growth by seamlessly connecting you with high-caliber teams in India. Tailored to your specific sales and marketing needs, our solutions ensure efficiency and effectiveness in driving your business forward.


Senior Expertise at a Fixed Monthly Rate

Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

Your remote or hybrid marketing department. We help you craft and execute a winning growth plan.

Sales as a Service (SaaS)

Boost your lead generation or hire a full team of sales reps, SDRs and business developers.

Staff Augmentation

Your remote or hybrid scalable team of full stack developers, project managers, CRM and integration experts etc.

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We provide exclusive services for your business

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Our Team

Meet Our Team Members

At Digital Thinking, our team comprises senior professionals, each a recognized expert in their respective fields, collectively shaping the future of digital innovation with seasoned insight and proven expertise

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Thomas Dehli Cleve

CEO & Founder

Erlend Førsund

CMO & Associated Partner

Eivind Roald

CRST Advisory - Associated Partner

Tor Magne Refsland

Lead Generation Expert & Associated Partner

Anette Wærsten

Strategic Advisor - Associated Partner

Caroline Bræin Klette

Digital Strategist & Associated Partner

David Askeli Aleksandersen

Growth Specialist, HubSpot Evangelist & Associated Partner

Jakob Olsbø

Business Developer & Associated Partner

May Linn Gjerding

Communications & PR Strategist - Associated Partner

Steffen Breen

Associated Partner

Chris Kirkemo

Strategic Advisor - Associated Partner

Rolf Viggo Pettersen

Associated Partner

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